Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have just returned home from a 10 days trip to Kyoto and Osaka. We have summer holidays here, so I took the opportunity to go out and do some exploring of my own.

As you can imagine I have lots and lots of things to tell you all about. Right now I have begun sorting through the over 800 pictures that I took. So I will begin updating the blog soon again, but it will be a while before I have everything sorted out, so be patient.

I think it will be well worth the wait! =)

Keeping you posted.



After Hiroshima, we went to Miyajima.

Mijayima is home to the famous floating torii, a shinto shrine gate, and one of the most photographed tourist attractions in Japan.

Another attraction is the Itsukushima-Jinja shrine, that dates from the 6th century. Back in the day those who approached the island had to come in through the floating torii. Some of you might have seen the torii in pictures before and might be surprised that in my pictures the torii is surrounded not really by water but by mud. That’s because a high tide is required to get that famous shot.

I also was fascinated by the tame deer that wander the streets. In Canada I was taught not to get too close to horned species! Deer are wild and for your own safety you stay away from them. In Miyajima there were so many deer, and you can pet them and go close to them. Actually perhaps too close, as they begin to follow you and then you can’t get away from them.

After Miyajima we came back to Saijo. It was a wonderful day trip and once again it demonstrates the generosity and kindness that I have been shown since I first arrived in Japan. I hope you enjoy the pictures!


Keeping you posted!