Matsuri! (Day 2)

The second night of Matsuri was my favourite!

On the second I arrived at Olivia’s house at midnight, took a nap and was ready to go by 3am.

At Niihama Matsuri there are no Danjiris but Taikodais, which are these massive shrines that up to 200 men carry on their shoulders! They are also incredibly heavy  (2 tonnes) and sometimes the men cannot carry them any longer, so they collapse under the weight. On this second night, we followed one of the Taikodais up to a shrine in the mountain, and it was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen!

The reason I enjoyed this evening more than the first night of Saijo Matsuri is that because the taikodais are so much heavier and much bigger than the danjiris, the men are so much more focused and to me it was much more impressive to see them carry a taikodai… especially up a hill. Also when lit at night the Taikodais look so beautiful with all the details that go into them (My favourite was a gold dragon with red fire coming out of its mouth!).

We all had a great, great time this night! We had so much energy and were just so excited at what we were seeing that  a few of us decided to stay to the very end, sometime around 7am. We followed the last taikodai down the hill, and it took them a very long time to make their way down (I think they were very tired). Once again we went home, slept, ate and got ready for the finale of Saijo Matsuri that same evening.

Keeping you posted!


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