Yuki Matsuri (Snow Festival)

In February we headed to Sapporo for Yuki Matsuri. The snow festival is famous throughout Japan and had heard about it so much that was really looking forward to experiencing it myself. The Hilton is a couple of hours outside of Sapporo so we had to book our days off well in advance, and luckily was able to take 2 days off.

The festival was great! They had huge snow sculptures about pretty much everything from miffy (quite a popular character in Japan), to Mr. Potato Head (quite popular with the foreign crowd), to Darth Vader (quite popular with the guys). My favourite sculpture was a big replica of the Lion King. The musical is playing in Sapporo at the moment, so it was a great bit of advertising. There were also heaps of things to eat and drink. We went with a Japanese friend of ours so she was able to explain to us what everything was and not being one to say no to food, I tried everything that was given to me. It was quite cold though and my toes were the first thing to go numb, so after some festival activity we headed to the underground shopping district. I’ve been to quite a few Japanese cities, but Sapporo is great for shopping, and after living in a ski resort for 3 months, we went a bit crazy with everything around us.

After walking around the festival, we went up Sapporo Tower and were able to get great shots of the activities down below. It was great fun to be up there with many of the Japanese and foreign tourists that were in town, but what is a trip to the big city without some good ol’ karaoke? Sure enough, we headed to a karaoke bar at midnight and stayed there until 5:30am. We could have saved our hotel money because we clearly didn’t really need it after all. The 2 days went by WAAYY too fast and before we knew it we were back to Niseko to enjoy the last 4 weeks of work.