Back to the World of Teaching

Alright, hands down I’m the worst at keeping this blog updated. However, in the last few months many people have asked me to update it and I have said I would do so and haven’t done so yet. So I will try to make it a habit from now until the end of the year.

Ok, so once I finished the ski season I went back to Ehime in early March. I was in Tokyo 48 hrs before the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on March 11. I was fortunately able to go back south just on time; had I been in Hokkaido when the earthquake struck I most likely would have flown back to Canada straight from Hokkaido. I arrived in Ehime and the day after arriving I was back in the teaching world. I had certainly forgotten some teaching techniques and getting re-adjusted took some time but before I knew it I was comfortable once again.

Welcome Back Lizzy!

I continued to teach for JADE from March until the end of September. This past week I have begun my training in a new company. I no longer teach children which is quite sad, as I do enjoy teaching the little ones. Yet for many other reasons this was the right decision to make.