Kit Kat!

Today’s post has nothing to do with trips or places I’ve been to. Something I have become interested in while living in Japan is cooking and trying all different types of Japanese food. Whatever I see for the first time I put in my mouth. If I don’t like it I will avoid it at all costs. If I do like it, I will make an effort to research more about it. Either way I am willing to try everything at least once.

One of my favourite things in Japan is how seasonal the country is. Everything has a time and a place. In Spring everything is about cherry blossoms. Everything is cherry blossom flavoured, you see pictures of cherry blossoms all around and is the main topic of conversation among people. Summer is about trying to keep cool and lemon flavoured food (ゆず)is all the hype. In Fall the leaves change colours and people are more interested about matcha/green tea flavours. This matcha phase goes well into winter as well.

The chocolate kit kat goes along with the seasons in Japan and is pretty great! In spring we can find cherry blossom flavoured kit kat. I can’t quite describe the cherry blossom flavour as it doesn’t taste like strawberry or anything I have ever tasted before. Is cherry blossom flavour! My favourite is the matcha kit kat.

While introducing myself to a class I mentioned that I enjoyed eating kit kat and that I particularly enjoyed all the different flavours. Over the winter holidays one of them went to Kyoto and got me 3 boxes of different flavours kit kat. That something I should mention, Kyoto sells the biggest selection of flavours than any other place I have visited. I have kept an eye out but thus far Kyoto is the only place where I could find Japanese tea (お茶), matcha, cherry blossom (桜), cookies and cream, etc…

Below I have posted a picture of what the boxes look like. Definitely a fun change to the normal, regular kit kat I had become accustomed to back at home.

3 Different Flavours of Kit Kat. Green Tea and 2 types of tea.

3 Different Flavours of Kit Kat. Green Tea, Tea and I believe Hazelnut, but not quite sure about the third one.

Green Tea kit kat

Green Tea kit kat.

Japanese Tea kit kat.

Hazelnut? kit kat.