I have returned to Canada for good (or for the time being).

Last Sunday I came back to Canada after living in beautiful Japan for 4 years. I sometimes can’t believe that it was that long, especially because nothing really changed while I was gone back home. People look and act the same, the landscape looks the same and everything is exactly the same.

Returning to Canada has been an strange experience to say the least. I guess I turned more Japanese than I ever imagined. My expectations of politeness and social decorum are much higher now than they were before, and I find myself often thinking if Canada has always been this way and I never noticed it before, or if things have changed.

I am back at my mom’s house for the time being. 4 years is a long time especially for my mom since I am an only child, so is nice to reconnect and catch-up. Thomas is still in Japan finishing his contract and will be flying back home in about 10 weeks. Distance is not an easy or fun thing to deal with, but we both recognize that is only for a little while and is good to spend some alone time sometimes. He can be a guy’s guy and spend time with the boys in town, while I settle here and catch up with my own friends before he arrives in Canada and we have to get him re-adjusted to living here as well and we go through the process of finding an apartment, getting a car and all those fun things.

So that’s a bit of an update as to what has been happening lately, hence why I just didn’t update the blog lately.

So, what will happen to the blog now that I am home? I will keep it open and update all the things that I wanted to share with you all and never got around to it. I have over 10,000 pictures from hundreds of events and places that we visited. I have so many things I want to share with everyone about the food, the culture, the festivals and most importantly the Japanese people. So there are many things to come for sure. I may be back in Toronto now but that doesn’t mean that is all over, and somehow I have this feeling within me that says that this was not the last  time I will see Japan. Job opportunities have been offered to us and with so many of our friends living over there I wouldn’t be surprised if we go back for another couple of years in the future. That’s the beauty of this whole experience, once you have been there and lived there, and learned the social norms of a country, even when there may be a huge language barrier, you can always go back.


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