Still here!

Still here!

Still here!

Hello everyone!

I know it has been months since I have made any updates and for that I apologize. The truth is that for the last few weeks I haven’t had the inspiration to write. After coming back from Japan, I didn’t even know if I wanted to continue with this blog anymore. After all, my Japan life has come to an end (how melodramatic of me) and I haven’t been feeling too inspired as of late.
However, talking to Thomas and my family I was reminded that just because I am back it doesn’t mean that it is all over, so I plan to change this blog a little bit. It will be more of an informational place where I will try to write about the food, the culture, different cities, festivals, etc. around Japan, that I was able to experience myself. I will write about it from my own experiences and hope it will help others who plan on visiting (or staying) in Japan for a short trip or for a long adventure like the one I experienced. I will also be writing for myself. I boast of having a great memory, but nothing lasts forever and I hope that by writing down what I know and experienced I’ll be able to keep the memories alive for longer.

Just a quick update about my whereabouts and plans: I have been working for a bank in Toronto since May and my contract will end in November. Everything is up in the air as whether or not it will be renewed but either way I am will take on things as they come along. I am also back at school, continuing working towards obtaining my Certificate in Human Resources. My plan is to finish it between Dec 2014-Dec 2015 (it all depends on job opportunities) afterwards we hope to do some more traveling again. I’ve always wanted to live in France for some time and Thomas is interested in learning Spanish so we’re opening up to the idea of maybe teaching in a Spanish speaking country next. Thomas also got a job at a bank (I know what this sounds like, but while one may think that everyone works in banks in Toronto, this is not the case) and will begin his training next week. He’s very excited about getting back to work after enjoying 2.5 months of unemployed time. We have been very very fortunate. Is nice to be back close to our families and my mom has been extremely accommodating. We also were able to visit Montreal and Thomas’ friends 2 weeks ago to celebrate his birthday. Here in Toronto, we’ve been spending time with my friends and family and exploring the city together. We don’t think Toronto is the place for us to settle. Thomas has never been a “big city” kind of person and I really learned to enjoy the easy-going life that we had in Japan. I enjoy spending time outdoors, Japan really taught me that there is a different way to live life.

Fall is upon us and we’re enjoying seeing the change of the leaves colours all around us. I had forgotten how beautiful Canada is in autumn! This coming weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and we’ll be going to Quebec City to spend the holiday with Thomas’ family. I love going up there!  Will make sure to take lots of pictures to post, ’til then HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Fall arrives in Montreal!

Fall arrives in Montreal!

Celebrating Thomas' birthday with his friends in Montreal!

Celebrating Thomas’ birthday with his friends in Montreal!



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