Japanese Wheels!

I’m riding Japanese style!

I have a bike, but for the last 2 weeks was unable to use it because the seat was too high and I didn’t know how to bring it down. The instructions are in Japanese, but I followed the pictures and got it!

Now I have an adorable bike with not only 1 but 2 baskets. I think everyone in Japan has a bicycle, or so it seems, and they ALL have baskets… they are super useful too! Now I go for bike rides every morning, groceries shopping and sightseeing.

Anyways I have taken some pictures of my bike because I like it THAT much. Notice how much lower the seat is in comparison to the baskets. I guess I am that tiny.

I also added an extra picture of my neighbour’s house. I think is beautiful and at first I thought it was a shrine (that was my Japanese ignorance 4 weeks ago, I could not even recognize a house from a shrine), but is actually a house.

Keeping you posted!



Today I did two new things. I walked from Tricia’s home (one of the teacher’s here) to the school. Granted is only 5 minutes away and really only one turn but still, every little hurdle that I overcome right now seems like a leap. The second thing is way more exciting… I took the train! Again I know back at home I take the train everyday, but this was the fast Japanese train. I’m pretty sure however, that is not the fastest one that everyone talks about, or maybe it is. I must investigate. Anyways what is usually a 20 minute drive took 8 minutes by train, but man was it expensive! I was told that transportation in Japan is expensive but this was ridiculous! It was $5.70(Cdn) for an 8 minutes ride one way! I guess I can stop complaining about the GO Train now.

I love taking the train. I have always enjoyed my 25 minute train ride into Toronto, but the train ride from Niihama to Saijo is full of beautiful rice fields, mountains and traditional Japanese homes. It is stunning! Two things have truly grabbed my attention, the mountains and the rice fields, so I’m so glad I was able to take that little trip from one town to the other and enjoy both.

Keeping you posted!