Well, the cherry blossom season came and went.

Cherry blossom season is already over in Japan (at least in Ehime). It went by so fast too! Just a few days of full bloom and then the fluttering began and there were no more cherry blossoms. I tried to take as much advantage of this beautiful time in Japan as I could, so I went to as many different parks as I could and tried to be outdoors as much as possible. My students say that this spring has been much colder than in many previous years, and I wouldn’t know any better, but it really has been cold all the way until now. So the cherry blossoms were beautiful for only a few days since the rain came and brought them to an end.

A lot of people ask “what is it with people living in Japan and cherry blossoms?.” My answer is that you got to experience a Japanese winter to be able to appreciate cherry blossoms. Japan in winter can be gray, cloudy, cold and rainy, and they tend to last a long time. So for me at least seeing the cherry blossoms reminded me that Spring is around the corner and nature knows best. Also in Japan the school year ends in March and begins again in April, right at cherry blossom season. So, all things put together remind me of constant change, nicer days and the reality that nothing really lasts forever, so you really got to enjoy what you have at the time.

I took hundreds of pictures, because I thought that everywhere I looked it was so beautiful!!

Keeping you posted!