Spring 2011

Cherry Blossom

A few weeks after coming back to Ehime spring arrived. My favourite time of the year! Spring is just such a beautiful time of the year in Japan. Seeing cherry blossoms all over town just bring up your spirit. The weather also becomes warmer and you know that summer is around the corner (which is extremely hot) so one must get out there and enjoy the warm weather.

This year I went out as much as possible and took many, many pictures. However, no amount of pictures can do justice to how beautiful the cheery blossoms are. I also was thankful to have been able to see them once again as I thought that I would not see them again; at least not in Japan in a very long time.

This year was also a little different. Thomas and I began dating again around cherry blossom time and it was really nice to share this time together. It was his first time seeing cherry blossoms and it was quite entertaining to see him in complete awe every time we went to the park or just came across a lane with cherry blossoms all over. He couldn’t get over how many cherry blossom trees there are everywhere. I found it amusing because I had forgotten what is like to experience it all for the first time and it was nice to be reminded that we are indeed very fortunate to have the chance to have this experience.

Having lunch under the cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms only last approximately 2 weeks and shortly after the 2 weeks were over, they were gone. Another lesson: nothing lasts forever and you must live in the moment otherwise before you know it, it is all gone.

My friend Remi and I enjoying spring